Financial Management Platform for Construction Projects

The Fixtender Platform automates financial workflows so you can manage your money — whether you're planning, forecasting or spending it.

Fixtender features

Real-time profit and loss analytics

Project analytics is generated automatically based on contracts and invoices. You can view actual and projected monthly cash flow and control your margin.

Procure and compare offers between contractors and suppliers

Fixtender replaces the endless emails and Excel sheets, thanks to the procurement process automation and construction adopted spreadsheets

One place for contracts and invoices

Store subcontractor agreements with guarantees and certificates. Track monthly reports, secure withheld and advance payments. Easily manage and approve all incoming invoices.


"Now, we can track our spending with ease - from pre-construction till execution - and be sure about profit margins."

Dmitry Starodubtsev
Co-founder and CTO at Mighty building

"It is a user-friendly solution that reduces all of the unnecessary emails from subcontractors and suppliers."

Tomass Ericsson
Construction Project Manager at Serneke

"I have all construction costs in the palm of my hand."

Artem Etik
CEO at ETIK Aufzugsservice

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Fixtender Fits Your Company

Our product is versatile. Use Fixtender to work with subcontractors or suppliers. We can handle it all.

Project developer

Choose a general contractor and analyze prices in real-time

General contractors

Load BoQ from thousands of items and carry out large-scale tenders


Procure construction materials in a couple of minutes

Our Company

We're group of inspired proffesionals with 30+ years experience in construction and proptech industry

Vitālijs Petrovs

CEO and Co-Founder

Construction expert 🏗 In 16 years, successfully managed to build dozens of construction projects, including Hilton, Clarion, and Radisson hotels.

Has traditional, modular, and 3D printing construction experience in Latvia, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the US. Passionate about future disruptions in the Construction industry.

Sergei Wing


14 years in software development. Created high-load services for up to 30M users combined, including projects for Leroy Merlin, Roche, Atlantic Records, Brabus, etc.

Has created cloud proptech software for warehousing, real estate search, alternatives to, dozens of promo websites, and marketplaces for construction machinery and building materials.

Our partners and investors

The Fixtender team is awesome at driving sales and executing. They've built a product with a strong product-market fit.

Ravi Belami
Managing Partner at Alchemist (Bay Area, US)

I've had a chance to work with the Fixtender team. They definitely stand out as a team that's capable of executing both on the product and the customer side, while having a clear product vision based on years of experience in the industry.

Peteris Marculans
Managing Partner at Overkill Ventures (Riga, Latvia)

Vitaly and Sergei are exceptional founders who bring a strong combination of technical capabilities and deep industry expertise.

Gerrit McGowan
CEO at Rainmaking Venture Studio (Berlin, Germany)

Want to know more about the Fixtender Platform?

Book a product demo below. We'll show you the Platform and answer any questions you may have

Letter to the industry

I have spent my life dedicated to the construction industry we love. Construction is an industry of honest and down-to-earth people. We are an industry of respect, experience, and tradition. The most important tradition, perhaps, is hard work.

It’s no secret that contractors have tough jobs. We guess so much when making financial decisions because we often can't see the whole picture. We should stop guessing. Decisions should be data-driven!

So, years ago, when I saw the need for construction financial software, I enlisted my longtime best friend, Sergei Wing, to help me on this journey. Our mission was simple: the best possible collaboration tool for employees.

Enabling the world's hardest-working industry to work a little less hard, earn a few more dollars, and utilize tools that get folks home earlier - that's what this is all about. I believe through this, we can bring peace and harmony to construction companies, and to our industry worldwide.

We Should Stop Guessing! Decisions Should Be Data-driven To Predict Margin.

Vitālijs Petrovs
CEO and Co-Founder at Fixtender

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